Just for the record, we aim to keep our website transparent, honest, and accurate. With that in mind, we’d like you to be aware of how we earn income, and how we do so while offering honest reviews.

How Is This Website Paid For?

In short: we will earn a commission if you click an “affiliate link” and buy hosting, a domain name, or any other service  from one of our partners.

This is known as affiliate marketing, and it’s how thousands of honest bloggers on the internet earn their living online.  We use the revenue generated to pay our own web hosting bills, to develop valuable  new content for our readers, and to make an income to support our families.

If everyone stopped buying service via those links, we’d have to close the site and find other ways to earn a living. The downside for our readers, of course, is that we’d no longer be able to provide them with valuable, honest recommendations.

Commissions? Hmm, I don’t know….

There’s nothing inherently shady about commissions or referral fees. They’re no different than the commission an offline  salesman gets paid for selling a product, like a camera, or a suit, or a mutual fund.

The internet’s biggest brands all offer affiliate programs: Amazon, eBay, and Yahoo. Google even runs their own affiliate network, providing a link between thousands of small businesses and visitors looking for their services.

Like in the offline world, there are scrupulous and unscrupulous salesmen online. Our mission is to be a source of reliable, honest recommendations, among a field of competitors across the spectrum.

Can You Can See My Personal Information?

No. We do not see any personal information: name, address, credit card details etc.

Typically, we see that an anonymous user has spent $x, the date and time of the transaction and – sometimes – which product they bought. We have no way of identifying the actual customer, or anything about them.

What Does This Cost Me?


Every business spends money finding new customers. Web hosting companies and many other online businesses with affiliate programs pay websites like ours to send potential customers to them, instead of using sales staffs, conventional advertising, banner ads, and print ads.

Sometimes you’ll even save money buying hosting or other products and services through our website. That’s because some of our partners offer special discounts from time to time, which we pass along to our readers.

Why Should I Trust Your Recommendations?

First, because it’s our policy to only recommend products and services that we would use ourselves, or recommend to friends.  Secondly, our reviews are based on either the first-hand experience  of our editors (and we often say so), or from following the comments of many, many respected webmasters on reputable forums that we participate in as well. We do not “borrow” review content from review sites, nor do we take hosting company marketing materials at face value. We insist on including only honest reports, from trusted sources, who have nothing to gain by misrepresenting the facts.

We hope you’ll get a feel for how we approach our mission of providing honest, reliable recommendations by reading our reviews, both positive and negative.  Honestly, there are many solid web hosting companies out there, most of which rely on affiliate programs; there’s no need for anyone to falsely promote a substandard provider.

Got Questions?

Drop us a line via our contact form and we’ll be glad to answer them.

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